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freyas-island has asked: Hey just followed :D can you check my blog out? xx

Hey, thanks. Sure.

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bluelyss has asked: i love this blog of yours (:. check out mine? xx

I loved yours, too. x

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thelastshadowbabes has asked: It's just what I do. Whatever. Goodbye for real this time.


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Anonymous has asked: People need to understand that not everyone is going to like her and just gtfo. lol I think its even worse that probably most of them only like her because she's with Alex. You post what you want and they can ignore it.

I love you, already. <3

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thelastshadowbabes has asked: Alright i'm done. All I can hope for is that you get something out of this conversation. Maybe it's that i'm a bitch for coming over here and standing up to you, I don't know. Just try to occupy yourself with something other than having this hobby where you hate on Arielle. I'm done now. Bye.

Why do people tell you what to do before they say goodbye? Why don’t they just go away?

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thelastshadowbabes has asked: It might be but really all i'm trying to do is just make the Arielle tag a tag that won't contain hate. I just wanted to try to see if I could change your opinion but that doesn't seem to be working. I seem nice? I wish I could say the same for you but i'm afraid not. Try and think about what you're doing here because I'm sure if Alexa saw this she wouldn't approve of it. Please reconsider your hatred for her.

Really, I’m not nice. I don’t really entertain people who contradict me. I’m just being nice to you. PLEASE. Don’t tell me what to do. Just, leave.

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thelastshadowbabes has asked: I understand how tags work but all i'm asking is for you to not put it on the tag. I know this is your blog and you can do whatever you want but there are other people, other than myself that would appreciate it if you kept your hate off the Arielle tag. I just really don't want to go to the tag and see people saying things like you want her to disappear. I just want you to stop tagging your hate. Please. I've about lost my patience with you.

I don’t blog to please you or the others. And, by telling me what I shouldn’t tag my post as is also telling me how to blog. Just stop sending me a message, you’re just wasting your time. I don’t wanna really be rude to you cuz you seem nice. Bye

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thelastshadowbabes has asked: Look i'm fine with you blogging what you want to blog but I just don't want you to tag it. What if you went onto the Alexa tag and all you found were posts about how much people hated Alexa? You wouldn't want to have those post fill the tag, would you? So all i'm asking is for you to stop tagging your hate. Blog what you want to blog and name your blog what you want but don't tag your Arielle hate posts.

Look. If you hate Alexa Chung, you can tag your hate as Alexa Chung. If I hate Arielle Vandenberg, I can tag my hate as Arielle Vandenberg. Because, that’s your blog, you can do whatever you want with it and if your post is about Alexa Chung, it’s fine if you tag it as Alexa Chung. Now, this is my blog, I can do whatever I with it and if my post is about Arielle Vandenberg it’s fine if I tag it as Arielle Vandenberg. That’s how tags work. (=

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macyunveiled has asked: I love you. xoxo M.

Why hello there. I love you, too. <3

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Anonymous has asked: omfg i was on the bus once and this old woman was reading the paper and the wind blew the page up and a massive specsavers advert with arielle modelling them was on it and it was the worst moment of my life, i hate arielle just because alexa is perfect and i don't even care ha HA. arielle needs to gtfo lol

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